Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-08)

Brian Fitzpatrick ran for Congress to keep our families safe, and to ensure that anybody who works hard and plays by the rules can achieve the American Dream. He will focus on protecting our families from the threat of international terrorism and extremism by championing a comprehensive strategy to defeat those who wish us harm.

Brian believes that every American deserves a fair shot at success.  He will make certain that our institutions serve us, not the bureaucrats or politicians.  Brian will fight to fix the institutions critical to American prosperity so that all who want to work hard can live a fulfilling life of dignity and opportunity. Brian is uniquely qualified to protect our country and to put the American Dream back on track.  For nearly a decade and a half, Brian served our country as an FBI Special Agent where his focus was fighting political corruption and supporting global counterterrorism efforts. As an FBI agent, Brian served our country in Operation Iraqi Freedom – the largest of several active fronts in the War on Terror.  Brian also served as the National Director for the FBI’s Campaign Finance and Election Crimes Enforcement Program, and as a national supervisor for the FBI’s Political Corruption Unit.  Moreover, he has traveled the world to promote freedom and democracy, where he is recognized as an expert in restoring integrity to governmental institutions.

As a Special Assistant United States Attorney, Brian prosecuted violent drug and gun offenders to stem the tide of abuse and violence. For his work, Brian was an inaugural recipient of the FBI Director’s Leadership Award in 2015. He was also named “Investigator of the Year” by the Federal Law Enforcement Foundation. A Levittown native and graduate of Bishop Egan High School, Brian is a graduate of LaSalle University, Penn State University and the Dickinson School of Law.  He is both a licensed attorney and a licensed Certified Public Accountant in Pennsylvania. Brian is an Eagle Scout and a certified Emergency Medical Technician in Pennsylvania.  He lives in Middletown Township, Bucks County.  Brian has lived in Bucks County for nearly 40 years.