Congressman Keith Rothfus (PA-12)

Keith spent the majority of his career in the private sector. He’s worked with large and small businesses as they’ve sought to expand and create jobs and opportunities in Western Pennsylvania.

His motivation to serve comes from his deep commitment to his family. He believes we must keep the Medicare and Social Security promises made to our parents’ generation while leaving our children with a country full of opportunities.

Keith is working to create a healthy economy, with more jobs and better wages for Western Pennsylvania families. Keith knows we must reduce taxes, end excessive regulations, and eliminate wasteful Washington spending.

Keith is frustrated with the many broken promises of Obamacare, and understands that people are losing their healthcare plans and doctors and seeing their premiums and deductibles skyrocket. Keith stood in solidarity with those losing their healthcare plans when he rejected the special deal President Obama cut for members of Congress by allowing members to receive a subsidy for health insurance that was not authorized by Congress. Keith is ready to repeal Obamacare and replace it with healthcare policies that enhance access, increase options, and reduce costs for all Americans.

He served on the Board of Directors of the Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvania, an organization that provides support services to local veterans and their families. Keith has run two different marathons, and with those runs raised over $12,000 for nonprofits helping veterans.

Keith earned a Bachelor of Science degree from SUNY College at Buffalo and his law degree from the University of Notre Dame. Keith and his wife Elsie have six children, and are raising their family in Allegheny County in the same neighborhood where Elsie was raised.

Keith understands that he is your employee in Congress, and continues to strive to be accessible and accountable to you.