Congressman Mike Bost (IL-12)

Mike Bost is running for U.S. Congress because he wants a better, brighter and more secure future for our children and grandchildren. Mike has and always will be that passionate voice of the people – understanding the federal government has basically blown everything its doing right now and a limited government is one that serves citizens best. Mike Bost was born and raised in Murphysboro, Illinois. He and his wife, Tracy, have been married for 34 years, have three children and nine grandchildren. He grew up working for Bost Trucking, a small business owned by his father and uncle, doing everything from hauling coal and washing trucks on weekends.  When older, he helped run the business as dispatcher, truck manager, accountant and driver.

Mike learned honesty, hard work and strong character values from his parents and grandparents, particularly his father, Gene, and grandfather, Wiley, who both ran Bost Trucking. Mike carries those same lessons today.

Small Business Owner

For the past 22 years, Mike and his wife Tracy have been successful small business owners.  They know the value of balancing a budget, meeting a payroll, and making sure they don’t overspend and because of that mindset, the business has been going strong ever since.

If only our federal government would live within its means, be disciplined in prioritizing spending and spend only as much as they have – just as your family does and just as Mike and Tracy Bost do managing their business and household.

Marine, Firefighter and Citizen Legislator

Mike has an extensive and dedicated tradition of public service beginning with his enlistment in the U.S. Marine Corps right after high school. He served as an electronic specialist and radar repairman – receiving an honorable discharge as a Corporal E-4 in 1982.

Mike served as a firefighter for the Murphysboro Fire Department, both part and full time – steadfastly answering the call of duty to protect families by answering hundreds of emergency calls and fighting a number of fires.

After reading an item in the newspaper, Mike got fed up with what was happening in local government so after his wife urged him to “shut up or get involved,” he got involved by running for Jackson County Board as a write-in candidate and ultimately won. He later served one term as Treasurer for the City of Murphysboro and a Trustee for Murphysboro Township.

Frustrated as a small business owner, Mike decided to run for the Illinois House because he was tired of government red tape and regulations that hindered economic growth. By taking his case directly to the people, Bost defeated an incumbent and began representing the most Democratically held district outside the Chicago area, at the time.

Mike has been an outspoken critic to government’s wasteful spending and the growing role of government in our everyday lives. He’s been a strong advocate for Southern Illinois’ coal industry, educational institutions, agriculture, public sector workers and protecting gun rights – and yes, sometimes even passionately on the House floor.

Our Founding Fathers created the House of Representatives as a “Citizen Legislature” and Mike is one who will bring Southern Illinois values to Washington, not the other way around. It’s time to have our voice represented in Washington by sending Mike Bost to Congress as our “Citizen Legislator.”